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Plymouth Aquarium

I have been playing around with the Plymouth365 data set and managed to produce a collaged GPS file. The track data that was collected over the period of one year is displayed simultaneously.
It is an aquarium again where I recalculated the height according to the time. As time passes the track rises up. This has been done with simple spreadsheet calculation and then re-pasting into the gpx file. The new altitude is now the indication of process.
This image uses the simple transformation of the time into seconds as the height. In this example the altitude is between 32000m and 85000m. It is very difficult to read on the level of everyday Plymouth activities, but it draws nice progress lines from long distance and day trips.

Image by urbanTick – Plymouth 365 aquarium

Image by urbanTick – Plymouth 365 aquarium

The second image here has the height reduced by 50%. Much more detail is visible on smaller scale where long distance trips lose their quality. An interesting feature is the “wall” that emerges between the place where I lived and my work place. Along the path I used to take emerges a vertical mess of lines at all times/heights. I must have used this route pretty much at any time in the day during this one year period.
Although I have tried to “clean” the data today, there are still a large number of error lines showing up. Also seem there to be new error lines occurring because of the method I used to collage the gpx file. The problem is that I pasted it as one track and not as a set of tracks. This would involve some more computing, but it’s probably worth a try. With such a method some more specific queries would be possible.