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GPS tracks one year Plymouth

Wile in Plymouth I was recording my person movement on a daily basis with a simple Garmin Handheld GPS device. It is a collection of tracks over the period of one year and it visualizes my interaction with the built environment. Two characteristics can clearly be seen in the image produced. One is that the movement was almost solely purpose orientated. It draws usually a straight line ( as direct as possible respecting the built form and the topography) between point A (initial position) and point B (destination). Furthermore, I can say that also the number of destinations are rather limited. Although recorded over the period of one year the movement is restricted and highly predictable. There seems to be only a handful of important location to be that are worth going to. Obviously, there are the three main destinations, home, work, essentials.
The second characteristic is closely related to the first one. The routes stay the same, the movement between the points are repetitive. At the beginning, there might be some optimizing going on, but after two-three times it seems to lock in and stay how it is.
Overall it is a very personal record of my time in Plymouth. It could be called a dairy, a spatial diary. It definitely helps to bring up memories of activities and experiences through recapturing the spacial configuration. I am wondering how long this will last. Will it prove to be as good as a photograph to help me remember certain anecdotes in twenty years time?

edited, 2017-10-23